Natasha Tordoff - with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Following the retirement of Derek & Jane Waller working in Madagascar, we are now beginning our support to Natasha, both financially and in prayer. Please find below some extracts of her latest newsletter. ("PNG" = Papua New Guinea)

11 December 2021
Greetings faithful friends, prayer warriors and supporters!

I meant to write to you sooner but every time I began to draft a letter, it just did not materialise. I am finally in the right place and situation to write to you uninterrupted, and what better time than the first weeks of December! What a long way we've all come! The months of August through to December have been some of the most challenging times for me, as I am sure they have been for you. I write more in detail about this below; (please click on the buttons that will take you to further writing in the form of a downloadable document). As is always the case, our Father in Heaven has stayed true to His word, name and character. I've seen Gods provision and timing come through in the last minute, making a way where there seemed to be no way and all I can do is stand in awe! God Never Fails!

I spent October and November in London, focusing on support raising and met with a number of people.

My support level is now at 50% and is growing! Though still not at the desired level, the next few weeks will see further discussions regarding my progress with MAF and the next steps of my journey. I am sure you are as eager as I am for there to be some dates set for my departure!

My next meeting with MAF HR is on the 14th December 2021 and will take place in Kent, where I will be visiting their head office. I hope to update you shortly after this date with more information on an expected departure date for PNG and the next steps!

🙏 What to pray for this month! 🙏

- Please continue to pray for my finances.
- Please pray for my mental and emotional well being as I continue to trust in God and make preparations.
- Please pray that Covid restrictions will be of no hindrance to me reaching Papua New Guinea and that a date will be set soon!
- Please pray for God's will to be the guiding factor in all of my circumstances.

Be reminded of how unique the people of Papua New Guinea are and why I am still embarking on this mission ❤️

15 Dec 2021
I will be working for Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship which is the technological arm of MAF. It is now being rebranded as MAF technologies.
As the pilots are an essential part of MAF in the mission field, so are the staff that work within MAF technologies.
Rural Papua New Guinea has essentially no access to technology of any kind with 80% of the population living in areas where, as you are aware, have no access to electricity, hospitals, emergency services or schools. The technology we provide allows these communities to access the outer world, MAF airbases and government services. MAF technologies provides radio masts, solar panels and other technological solutions that bring both development and access to the gospel.

A bespoke audio device created by MAF technologies allows villagers living in rural locations who do not have electricity to listen to the word of God in their language. This device is so practical in that it has its own solar panel for charging, SD slot for audio bible to be inserted and is a useful tool for the kingdom of God as it passes on the word of God to the communities in a tradition that they are most familiar with - An oral tradition. As PNG has 850 different languages, not every language has been transcribed and still only exists in its oral nature. Therefore, the word of God in their language and in oral form is a precious commodity to the communities of Papua!

I will be serving as Corporate Services Manager to CRMF and will assist the general manager in the running of it. I am very excited and can't wait to get stuck in to the work! 😊

Here is a link to their webpage where you can find many testimonials of how technology is saving people's lives in PNG and bringing the gospel to them

I hope that this helps in terms of my role within MAF and will continue to send prayer letters and updates to about my time in PNG.

Thank you again for your support.
God bless you all and Happy Christmas!