Natasha Tordoff - with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

You can find out about Natasha's work at (...). Please find below some extracts of her latest newsletters. ("PNG" = Papua New Guinea)

NT arriving15 September - 18 September 2023
Bulolo Outreach, Morobe Province - Next week, myself and a select team are travelling by road (about 8hrs) to a mountainous region in the south to witness the baptism of 52 individuals and to support the new believer's in their faith to Christ! (The whole event will see a total of 172 new believer's baptized in the name of Jesus).

December 2023 - January 2024
I am planning another personal trip to New Hanover, New Ireland Province, over Christmas, to meet my mum and do some outreach on the island. I am hoping to purchase a Jesus Video Kit to use to show Jesus Video to the villagers, and distribute the King of Glory picture book, donated to me by Rock International.

7 Feb 2023
Prayer requests:-

  • Me to continue to exercise patience and peace when navigating difficult cultural differences.
  • For the staff team at MAF Technologies to be open to honest feedback and for positive change to occur in their lives.
  • For God's purpose to be worked out in my life and time here in PNG.
  • For my continued fundraising efforts (I am on about 60% of my target fundraising requirement). I will begin again to focus on raising further support funds.

5 Nov 2022

7.6M Earthquake rocks the Eastern Highlands on Sep 11!

Sunday morning, I'm sitting in church, listening to the sermon, when the ground suddenly begins to shake. This is the third earthquake I have felt since arriving in PNG, but this one is much bigger than the rest! As the ground rumbles beneath my feet, I tilt my head backwards and gaze up at the high beams above, rocking to and fro. "Uhhhh ohhhh - shouldn't we all get outside?" I think to myself. But no one does anything, no one is moving; the congregation sits silently, waiting to see how bad it will get. I too, sit, with my eyes wide open and no movement. Then, as the trembling gets worse, people start to panic. No one wants to be the last one left inside the church when the building falls down! In a mad rush, the congregation scampers outside to open safety to await the rumbling as it passes...

We were very lucky in Goroka to have experienced only a mild shaking. Very little damage was done to the church house and surrounding buildings and the same could be said for the rest of the town. The epicenter, about 200km away at a village called Hoperang and closer to the eastern coast, radiated damage as far as Morobe in the north and Hambia in the south (place names on google maps), with multiple villages destroyed, landslides sweeping the hillsides, and a number of casualties and deaths. 

This is a perfect example of why MAF Technologies exists in Papua New Guinea for the remote communities. Monday morning, the day after the earthquake, the team went straight about to putting together an earthquake response plan. We were instructed to, "be prepared for med-evac emergencies and try to contact as many remote communities as possible to assess the damage". As Corporate Services Manager, the task of responding to medical emergencies and catastrophes falls to my team in the admin office where our main radio operator stands-by to receive incoming emergency calls.

09 August 2022

I have arrived safely in the motherland!

It's been a little over 3 months since I last wrote to you and much has happened since then! I am eager to share all about it and will send out another letter shortly with stories and details. I needed to get this letter out to you first though, to tell you that your prayers are not unanswered, your support is not in vain and your partnership with me in this ministry has already begun to bear fruit! I was in Cairns, Australia during the month of May, in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands of PNG for most of June (completing my orientation), and arrived in Goroka, Eastern Highlands on June 27th. I have now begun my official work duties as Corporate Services Manager for MAF Technologies. I will be writing more about what my role entails in due time...

In the mean time, let me take this opportunity to say a big...

THANK YOU! To all newcomers who have recently signed up for my prayer letters and who are praying for me!

THANK YOU! To all new regular financial supporters and donors! If I haven't already reached out in person to thank you, then I will be doing so shortly. Your gifts and pledges have blessed me greatly and will continue to make a difference out here in PNG.

THANK YOU! To all who have supported me since the beginning! I'm overwhelmed with your generosity and continued support and prayer, my request is that our God bless you in the same manner that you have blessed me! ❤️