Cottesmore Church, Rutland - St Nicholas

St Nicholas, Cottesmore

Come in!  We don't mind what you wear (or how old you are, who you vote for, or how much you earn ...) In winter it may not be as warm as your living room so please wear something appropriate!

See the Calendar for upcoming services, or Services for the general rule.

Service leaders, lesson readers and those who lead our prayers use a microphone. There is a loop system. Refreshments are normally available every Sunday after the service.

Inside Cottesmore
A toilet under the tower at the back of the church allows pushchair or wheelchair access.

There is a comfortable children's area in the church, with some appropriate activities for children. You can view here our Safeguarding Policy.

Parking is on Main Street, outside the church.

Newsletter: Details of church services and other events throughout the benefice are available in "Good News", our monthly newsletter, see Newsletters. Contact if you would like to have your name added to the email list.

Churchwarden: David Morgan.

Cottesmore Village
In terms of population, Cottesmore is the largest village and the third largest settlement in Rutland, thanks largely to the presence of Kendrew Barracks army base - formerly RAF Cottesmore air base.

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