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Dear Friends,

We are writing to invite you to become part of something new in our churches. We have been praying and discussing the best way to see church survive the winter under lockdown. In fact we hope we will not just survive but thrive and grow - it could be an exciting winter! 

The Basic Idea

Groups would be made up of four people. You would commit to meet togther once a week for 30-45 minutes. You could meet together in any way the group agrees on. It could be in a garden, a home, a café, via Zoom (or any other) or by phone, in fact there are many ways for a group of this size to meet together at the moment. Your group would be all the same gender but may not all be the same age or from the same place.

You will meet for a purpose
Whatever you decide to do together and however you do it, you should be asking each other these questions:
1. How are you doing - have you got all you need?
2. What are you praying for this week?
3. How have you seen God at work this week? What are you thankful for?
4. Have you read anything in the Bible that has spoken to you?
Nobody likes being put on the spot, so a legitimate answer to these questions could be "pass!" But what a great chance to be thinking, during the week, of how you could answer these questions. Each group will have someone who will facilitate your meeting together and perhaps kick-off the questions. Nobody's in charge and nobody has the final say, but everyone gets to contribute.

Rule of Six
That's the current limit for groups meeting together, we know about that. So think and pray together about who you could invite to your group to grow it to that limit of six. That's not a requirement - some groups may stay at just four - but feel free to ‘add to your number' if you want.

Are you in?
If you are interested in joining us in POD church you will need to say. Let us know by emailing us and sending these details: your name, contact number and preferred way in which you'd like to meet. (in person, online, phone) We look forward to welcoming you into an exciting venture together as we continue to meet in God's name throughout the winter.

Email us here: 

or click here to tell us your details: Form 


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This is where you will be able to find our plans for re-opening our church buildings as the country juggles with lockdown. This is a tricky process to negotiate, but we have people's health and safety as top priority. Please follow our protocols to keep yourself and others safe.

As of 5th November...

The country is back into full lockdown. At the time of release, church services have been stopped. Personal prayer is continuing, as it was previously during lockdown.

There is a lot of talk - in national church circles - about an exemption for churches this time round. There is currently no such thing and churches cannot open for services. This might change and it will probably be down to the local church to decide what it will do.

Meanwhile do keep an eye out for our benefice-wide Chiristmas plans and continue with your POD, if you are part of one, and we shall let you know when things change.

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You might be thinking about taking the chance to read the Bible more or regularly. Here are some links to places that provide daily readings that you can use.

Daily CoE Readings The Church of England uses the Common Lectionary for its daily Bible readings. This link takes you to today's readings - for other days' use the previous or next buttons towards the top of the page. It's just the bare words with no notes or prayers added. For extras like the words for daily Prayer go here: CoE Daily Prayer.
Lectio 365  The 24/7 prayer movement, headed up by Pete Greig, have a very good daily bible reading with brief notes and a prayer that can provide the basis for an excellent time with the Bible. It's only available through an app, this link takes you to the place to get it.
Word Live  Perhaps the master of all online Bible-reading helps. It's by Scripture Union so it has a fine pedigree behind it that you can trust and enjoy. The link takes you to just the Word Live bit, but have a look around their site for loads of helpful and interesting Bible stuff.
BibleGateway What did we do before...that's what this web site makes me think quite often. Not only does it provide instant free access to the Bible in multiple languages and translations, it also offers lots of different reading plans. Find them here: Reading Plans. It also offers devotionals - like Word Live or Daily Prayer - but don't think we are recommending them all!

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Dear Friends,

Don't forget to join us in prayer together each Thursday. Eight o'clock prayer - if you can't make it at 8am then go for 8pm. Of course you could always pray twice!

Benefice Prayer Calendar
Click to open our most recent PrayerCal 2021a(pdf file, ready to print onto A4)



In our Benefice we take safeguarding children and vulnerable adults very seriously.
Click to view our Safeguarding Policy and who you can Contact.

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See our YouTube Channel where you will find our online services and other videos.

Our Sunday Service for Sunday 25th July.

Also - did you know you can listen to our weekly service on the phone? Tel: (01572) 497000  

If you'd like to connect with the Church of England by phone and hear services, news and hymns.
Call their Daily Hope number free.

An excerpt from the Communion Service if you'd like to celebrate the Lord's Supper.

Many of the larger churches in the UK have recorded a song of blessing - here it is:


Links to Charities mentioned in our services

 Christian Aid Coronavirus Emergency Appeal 

 Christians Against Poverty and their special Kick Start project

 The Lodge Trust and Tel: 767234


Call for a greener recovery

Join Tearfund in signing The Climate Coalition's declaration, calling on the UK government to lead the world in delivering a greener, fairer recovery, which limits warming to 1.5°C 


The Prayer Room

Rev Rhona Knight from Oakham, whom some of you will know, is producing some thoughtful and creative prayer activities that she's sharing with us. To take a look at all the activities there are - click on the picture and choose a day.

We are currently on A Journey with Jesus. 

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A Superb Online Game for Children!

 The Guardians of Ancora is a game developed by Scripture Union and is both Biblically based as well as safe for children to play.

SU Game 

You can play it through the web or via a number of different apps available for phones and other mobile devices. Just search online for it and have fun! 

Ancora scenes