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Coronavirus (Covid19) is in Rutland.  Following government instructions, and also those of the Church of England, we regret that all our churches are now closed (locked) until further notice. 

  • As a general rule, other pages of the website are as they were before the Coronavirus hit.
  • Keep watching this page. May God lead you and bless you in these strange and disturbing days.

Let's keep praying!

Don't forget to join us in prayer together each Thursday. Eight o'clock prayer - if you can't make it at 8am then go for 8pm. Of course you could always pray twice! 
Let's pray this Thursday that Christ will be made known through this current crisis. We had almost 200 hundred hits on the recorded service on Youtube this Sunday - I'm not saying it was that many individuals - but we have the chance to reach a much wider field of people than ever before. That's exciting.
What would you be praying for?  

April Herald

Click to open the latest copy of our monthly magazine. Herald Apr20 adapted. We have not printed paper copies for this month. 

A prayer found in the church
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Benefice Prayer Calendar

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In our Benefice we take safeguarding children and vulnerable adults very seriously.
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Sunday Service 5th April

Here is the second of our recorded Sunday services. Hopefully it will help you to connect with God and receive from him this Palm Sunday.

Click the link to go to the Youtube video:  

Sunday Service Link


Creative Prayer Activities

Rev Rhona Knight from Oakham, whom some of you will know, is producing some thoughtful and creative prayer activities that she's sharing with us. Please take a look and use it if you'd like to. We will change them occassionally as more come through.

Current one:  See how the flowers grow

Previous Ones: All these things   Look at the birds of the air   How Great is our God



8.  (Saturday 4 Apr 20)
Moving Towards Holy Week
This is in the form of a separate document - click the link here: Towards Holy Week