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Usual Sunday services happen at these times:

Cottesmore - every Sunday at 9.30am, Holy Communion on first Sundays

Greetham - every Sunday at 9.30am, Holy Communion on fourth Sundays

Exton - second and fourth Sundays at 11.15am. Holy Communion on fourth Sundays

Clipsham - second and fourth Sundays at 11.15am. Holy Communion on second Sundays 

Stretton - first and third Sundays at 11.15am. Holy Communion on first Sundays


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You might be thinking about taking the chance to read the Bible more or regularly. Here are some links to places that provide daily readings that you can use.

Daily CoE Readings The Church of England uses the Common Lectionary for its daily Bible readings. This link takes you to today's readings - for other days' use the previous or next buttons towards the top of the page. It's just the bare words with no notes or prayers added. For extras like the words for daily Prayer go here: CoE Daily Prayer.
Lectio 365  The 24/7 prayer movement, headed up by Pete Greig, have a very good daily bible reading with brief notes and a prayer that can provide the basis for an excellent time with the Bible. It's only available through an app, this link takes you to the place to get it.
Word Live  Perhaps the master of all online Bible-reading helps. It's by Scripture Union so it has a fine pedigree behind it that you can trust and enjoy. The link takes you to just the Word Live bit, but have a look around their site for loads of helpful and interesting Bible stuff.
BibleGateway What did we do before...that's what this web site makes me think quite often. Not only does it provide instant free access to the Bible in multiple languages and translations, it also offers lots of different reading plans. Find them here: Reading Plans. It also offers devotionals - like Word Live or Daily Prayer - but don't think we are recommending them all!

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Benefice Prayer Calendar

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In our Benefice we take safeguarding children and vulnerable adults very seriously.
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A Word for Greetham Church

Last Sunday (22nd Jan) God spoke to the church in Greetham with these words:

I will grow you.

I have set my hand to till this ground and make it fertile and that is what will happen. You will grow and multiply.

And this is how you will know that my promise is being fulfilled - you will find renewed joy.

Not laughter or fun, dancing or singing, but heartfelt joy-in-the-Lord.

Every time you worship me, read my word, pray together or even speak my name, your hearts will be lifted in hope and filled with unexpected joy.

Then you will look for and see growth among you, this will be the harvest of joy. People will be added to your number in faith. Those who thought they no langer had any place among my people will find a true home here.

As this joy is given you and you see growth in the church, your faith in God will become stronger. You will exult in your Heavenly Father and in what he can do among you.


A final message from Bishop Donald

Dear Friends, 

I write just a fortnight after my wonderful farewell service when many kind things were said. I simply want to say a huge Thank You to so many people for being there and for contributing both to that event and to the lovely gifts you gave me. Thank you especially (if I dare) to the Cathedral vergers and musicians, to bellringers around the diocese, to the Bishops' Office staff who thought up and sourced those gifts and organised the catering, to the many people who wrote in my farewell book, and the children who contributed their lovely pictures and messages. Thank you.

We have spent the last fortnight sorting, packing, and "downsizing" a lifetime's collection of books, music, and much else, as we prepare to move from The Palace to our two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh. That has been a challenge! Tomorrow (Monday 23 January) our removers arrive to load up. On Tuesday we actually move away and to a new life.

People have asked "Do you have to move away?" Moving is painful. This is my sixth church job, and we've moved away after each one, so in a sense we are used to it - though it seems a bit harder at retirement. There is no absolute rule, but it is a convention for clergy who are paid and live in church property to move right away from where they have ministered, and I think it is a wise one. I should have no influence on the process of choosing my successor, no opportunity to comment on his or her policies, and no availability to any who want to complain about the changes a new Bishop will inevitably bring. So I shall be well out of the way, but still missing the places and people I have grown to love. This was part of the deal when I signed on as a curate in 1976, and it is right.

It is also something of a model or picture of the Christian life. We are "citizens of heaven", and here "we have no abiding city" (read up Ephesians and Hebrews if those words don't ring any bells). As I tried to say a fortnight ago, our fellowship, affection, unity are all in Jesus - and we can never be separated from him.

So, with love, in Jesus,
thank you, and bless you.