Some helps to finding God's will

Note: God may call us to some specific place or work, but more often than not, He gives us a lot of freedom to make our own decisions.

A: Prerequisites

1. Be willing to follow God's leading when or if he gives it, whatever it is! If you can do this you're halfway there already.
2. Try to be honest! (The heart is deceitful above all things - Jeremiah 17:9)
3. Pray for guidance. Ask others to pray for you.

B: Helps
4. List what options you have.
5. What does common sense say?
6. Allow God to speak; through
     The Bible
     The Holy Spirit
7. Get advice, from those you respect.
8. Would it have a detrimental effect on
     God - How others view him.
     Others - Make someone else look worse? Cause pain to someone?
     Me - My relationships. My health. My walk with God.
9. What do I have peace about?

C: Make a decision
10. What do I actually believe I should do, before God?
11. Act, Wait or Reject...  in faith.