Making a Donation

Coronavirus - an appeal

In these very uncertain times the Churches faces the same financial challenges as businesses, families and individuals.

Cash flow difficulties are arising due to the loss of collections whilst the church remains closed for public worship. Added to this, other sources of income, such as weddings, and fund raising events, are being cancelled, or postponed.

We ask you to pray and act.

If you are able, please consider increasing your giving to help at this time, and if you normally give at services you might be able to give by a different method. Details of how you can do this will follow.

If you are a taxpayer and currently don't have a Gift Aid Declaration in place, please consider completing one. Gift Aid will increase your gift by 25p for every £1 given at no extra cost to you, or the Church.

Uncertainty, job insecurity, and low income may make responding to this request, very difficult, or impossible. This is understood and we would not want anyone in this position to add to the current pressures.

Churches rely on donations to stay open and provide care and support to everyone in the community. Now, more than ever, please consider giving generously to support our mission and ministry. Thank you for your support.

Here are the current details provided:

Cottesmore Church: Donate  

Exton Church: Donate

Greetham Church: Donate