Here's the general rule for services as they were pre-Covid - check the Calendar, especially for special seasons/services.

1st Sunday: 9.30am All-age Morning Service
2nd Sunday: 9.30am Morning Service
3rd Sunday: 9.30am Holy Communion
4th Sunday: 9.30am Morning Service
(NB: Every Tuesday: 10.00am Holy Communion at Gainsborough Court )
1st Sunday: 8.00am Holy Communion (said service)
1st Sunday: 9.30am Morning Worship (more informal)
2nd Sunday: 9.00am Breakfast - 9.30am Morning Worship (informal)
3rd Sunday: 9.30am Morning Praise (more formal)
4th Sunday: 9.30am Holy Communion (more formal)

(NB: Last Thursday of month: 10.30am Holy Communion at Oak House)
2nd Sunday: 10.30am Holy Communion
4th Sunday: 11.15am Morning Prayer
2nd Sunday: 11.15am Morning Service
4th Sunday: 11.15am Holy Communion
1st Sunday: 11.15am Holy Communion
3rd Sunday: 11.15am Morning Service

5th Sunday in month: Service at 10.30am, rotating around the churches.