What are the ways in which we meet up together? Here's a list of things that are open to all (unless of course they're gender/age/... specific).

Meetings for all 
Sunday 'services'. Spending time in worship, bringing requests to God, listening to teaching, chatting over coffee..
Weekly services in Gainsborough Court.
Monthly services at Oak House.
Special services. Christingle, Carols, Christmas, Easter, Harvest...
Midweek events - Morning worship, study, prayer.
Church Cafe - lunch, once a month. 
Special events at any time of the year - check The Herald (see top right of Home).
Trips to conferences, New Wine, etc. 

Meetings for groups
Home groups. Currently 5 of these, usually running in term time at least. Variety of styles.
Sparklers. A weekly term-time group for tots and parents/carers.
Beer & Bible. A monthly get-together over a drink (beer, or whatever else you fancy!).
Hand Bell ringing. Weekly.

Meetings in 2's and 3's
Happening all the time! To chat, share, pray, encourage, plan...
If you don't already do this, why not get started?

For these in more detail click on one of the items in the Regular Events section, and check the Calendar.