So, what do we believe? One thing we believe is that God speaks. He has spoken in the past, and he speaks today, to all of us.

A. God has spoken
    1. Through nature.
    2. Through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    3. Through the Bible (words of eyewitnesses etc., recorded in black and white).

B. God speaks today
    1. Through certain people.
    2. Through the Bible, to our minds.
    3. Through the Holy Spirit, to our hearts. 

C.  What stops me from hearing?
    1. Listening to the wrong voices.
    2. Busyness.
    3. 'Lost in translation'. Misunderstanding what is said.

D. What is God saying to me?
(That's for you and me to consider!)

(For starters, how about:   "I know all about you and your situation; and I really, really love you"!)